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20. august 2015
Åshild Eliassen has just returned home after her 19th NORCAP-mission. Although this was supposed to be her last deployment, the 70-year-old cannot guarantee that she won’t sign up for yet another round.
17 years of service

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06. august 2015
NORCAP is now recruiting new experts to join the emergency roster. Applicants should be ready to deploy on mission within six months after recruitment.
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05. august 2015
Since January, more than 190 000 refugees have arrived in Europe via the Mediterranean Sea and other routes. Many are families who are fleeing from war and conflict. “It’s heart-breaking to see the situation they are in,” says NORCAP-deployees Tone Selmer-Olsen and Håvard Breivik.
Mediterranean Refugee Crisis: - Heart-breaking
31. juli 2015
20 young journalists from South Sudan are eager to tell the world stories from their country through the photo lens after a two-week training course in Juba.
South Sudan through a lens

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