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Unprecedented need for support

18. mars 2014
Three years after the Syria conflict started, more than 120,000 people have been killed and nine million people are displaced in the region. No other humanitarian operation has received more support from NORCAP.
Unprecedented need for support
19. mars 2014
By providing insight into the tasks, challenges and achievements of NORCAP-deployed cluster coordinators, this in-house study provides best practices to current and future deployees.
Best practices in cluster coordination

Working to prevent gender-based violence

06. mars 2014
The members of GenCap’s GBV rapid-response team deploys worldwide to strengthen prevention and response to gender-based violence.
Working to prevent gender-based violence
03. mars 2014
In the face of larger and more demanding humanitarian crises, the international community struggles to meet humanitarian needs. In 2013, the UN requested record-high support from NORCAP.
Record high UN support in a year of multiple crises

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Request experts from NORCAP

NORCAP deploys experts on demand to the UN, regional organisations and national governments. Read about how your organisation can request personnel.

Join the NORCAP roster

NORCAP seeks experienced, highly motivated and independent experts. We recruit new roster members four times a year.

A holistic approach to debriefing

Debriefing has become an integral part of NORCAP's follow-up of roster members. In this recent case-study, staff care adviser Ole Martin Holte explains why debriefing contributes to a more resilient roster.

Strengthening the UN

NORCAP personnel increasingly contribute to capacity building within the UN. Through their work, they help make the UN and other international organisations more efficient.

NORCAP training programmes

All active NORCAP roster members who are not currently on a mission are eligible to participate in NORCAP’s training programmes.

Annual report 2013

Read about NORCAP's activities and geographic and thematic priorities in the annual report for 2013.

Annual update




Snapshot of deployments

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