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03. februar 2016
NORCAP expert Omar Suleiman walks for days in the Nepalese hills in order to visit some of the most remote earthquake-affected communities.
Helping the most remote communities
25. januar 2016
”The situation on the ground is still extremely challenging. The number of arrivals have decreased in the last couple of weeks, but it is still higher than this time last year’’” NORCAP expert Ioannis Tavridis reports from Evros in Greece.
New initiative to strengthen support to refugees in Greece

Housing refugee children in Beirut

24. desember 2015
Synne Bergby helps Syrian refugees find proper accommodation in Lebanon. She is particularly keen to help the children.
Housing refugee children in Beirut
15. desember 2015
NORCAP climate experts are carefully optimistic about the new climate agreement coming out of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.
New agreement needs close follow-up

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